Champion Pro Cut Michael Jordan 50th Anniversary Commemorative Rookie Jersey Holy Grail

The ad was aired by Holy’s on December 3rd, 1996, to promote Champion’s Retro Collection of NBA 50th Anniversary Jerseys. The main focus of the advert is the Limited Edition Pro Cut Michael Jordan 50th Anniversary Commemorative Jersey. The jersey is the one that Champion was released as part of the NBA 50th anniversary collection. It was limited to 200 and available only by telephone orders from Carsons. mens rugby shirts sale It’s the “Holy Holy Grail” of Jordan jerseys. mlb replica shirts After nearly twenty years of collecting, I’ve only witnessed two Ebay auctions.
Champion has not produced the dimensions shown in this ad photo. ladies replica football jersey The jock tag in the advertisement is 46. That was Jordan’s standard size throughout most of his career (Size 46 with the Body Length of +3). Jordan began his first season in size 42 and before moving to Size 44 after the body length +4 had been completed.