NBA 50th Anniversary 1996-1997 NBA at 50 Champion Jerseys (Part 1)

During 1996-1997, 1996-1997 period, the NBA celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding. Its mission was to highlight the NBA’s past and highlight its first players and teams. As opposed to the NFL and MLB in which young people were familiar with the old-time players of their respective leagues, NBA has been notoriously ineffective when it came to promoting its historical and former legends. learn more The NBA had enjoyed a boom in popularity during its heyday in the 80s (Larry Bird and Magic Johnson) and the 1990s (Michael Jordan and the Bulls), but those present stars surpassed those of the past. Through the 80s and early 90s the league was looking to the future as it grew into a worldwide company, which meant that it never took time to reflect on its past. When I was in the middle in the 1990s, youngsters such as myself didn’t even know what Bill Russell was, Jerry West or Oscar Robertson were, nor did they know much of the ABA. nhl jerseys china